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Signal Butte

Single Butte represents an area used repeatedly, passed down, across multiple traditions and cultures over the course of 5000 years. First, by Palio-Indians and led to the Dismal River Culture (forefathers of the plains Apache) and tribes including the Arapahoe, Pawnee, Cheyenne, and Sioux.

Courthouse and Jail Rock

On the far eastern side of WyoBraska, the land that would become the small town of Bridgeport, Nebraska, are two promontories that served as landmarks on the Oregon- California Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Pony Express Trail, and the Sidney-Deadwood Trail.

Lyman Mexican Shot to Death as Outcome of Argument Thursday

Patrocio Estorga, 43, Mexican resident of North Lyman, died at 11:50 Friday morning at a Scottsbluff hospital from wounds received when he was shot through the head at 4 a.m. by Nicolas Garcia, 23, following an argument at Estorga's home in the sugar factory colony just north of the Lyman city limits...

Jacob Schmear Attacks Three Children

After running amuck with an axe and seriously injuring his three children here early Friday, Jacob Schmear, 70, committed suicide by hanging.

Lyman Makes Its Own Start For Growth

The promise of a real little city in Lyman is beginning to materialize, according to stories of buildings that are starting and about to start there.

Fred Brown, Chain Man Bandit, Is Dead

Fred Brown, the chain man bandit, was shot down last Monday at the Nebraska state prison by Guard Kiger. Brown, Roy Smith a bank robber, and Joe Dunn, also a robber and gun man, attempted to break out of the prison about three o'clock Monday afternoon.

Monstrous Chicken Killing Spiders

Monstrous spiders, of a dark green hue, have appeared in Nemaha County. They are so large that they prey on chickens, killing the fowls in most cases. In many ways they resemble the tarantula.

Body of Rancher Found In Lake

The body of W. A. Fiesterman, a well-to-do rancher who lived about 35 miles north of Oshkosh, was found Monday in a lake near his home. The body had been weighted down with a heavy iron fastened around the neck with a strap.

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