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Lyman Makes Its Own Start For Growth


The promise of a real little city in Lyman is beginning to materialize, according to stories of buildings that are starting and about to start there.

The town is to have two drugstores, it is related. The one will be owned by Smith of Mitchell, who has a drug store in that town. The other will be owned by a drug firm in some other Nebraska city.

Harry Johnson, of Scottsbluff, is preparing to build, and to open at an early date, a theatre in Lyman, where first class pictures will be shown, and Mr. M.B. Higgins, who owns and operates one of Scottsbluff’s busiest pool halls, is engaged in the new sugar town.

Other buildings are underway there, the owners of which are not so well known in this locality.

Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) October 28th, 1926


Mrs. Farthing, mother of Mrs. Frank Yoder, suffered a bad accident this week when she fell down the cellar steps at the Yoder home in this city. She mistook the cellar way door for the bath room door and fell down the steps before she discovered her mistake. No bones were broken, it is believed, but she was very badly bruised up.

Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) December 3rd, 1914

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