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Thrasher Held For Murder

On Monday night a stabbing occurred in Winter’s saloon, which may yet prove fatal to the victim. Sam Sutherland, a cowboy from Camp Clarke, got into a difficulty with a stranger from Montana, named Richard Gaugh, while playing a game of cards. The latter drew a common pocket knife and stabbed Sutherland twice in the abdomen and several times in the arms and wrists. Sutherland is in the Post hospital and his assailant is in jail. Had it not been for Mark Oppenheim, who runs the lunch counter at Winter’s, Sutherland would have been killed outright.

Kimball Observer (Kimball, NE) March 19th, 1886

Lester Kittering, who returned in June from France, was killed at Grand Island by the explosion of a bomb which he picked up on the battlefields of France and brought back with him as a trophy.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) December 11th, 1919


Miss Edith Perry, aged seventeen, died at Morrill at three o’clock on last Friday morning, and George T. Thrasher, part owner of one of the Morrill pool halls, is charged with having caused her death. Two days before the girl’s death, Thrasher was caught by officers in the Sheep Creek country, whither he had fled when the girl’s condition turned critical. He was lodged in jail at Gering and bound over to the district court under $5,000 bond on the charge of rape. After the death, the charge was changed to murder and he was removed to Lincoln for safekeeping, as the feeling against him was running high and violence was feared.

Miss Perry’s parents live near Morrill, but she had been staying at the hotel in that place. She was a sister of Mrs. Joe Jones of Torrington, and was quite well known here. The funeral was held at Morrill Saturday afternoon and was very largely attended.

The Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) August 31st 1911


Rushville. Oct 5. —Albert Hill, 45, rancher near Gordon, Nebr., will go to trial here today for the slaying of Neal Oblennis, 25, a farm hand employed on a ranch near Gordon last July.

Hill confessed after Oblennis’s body was found in a shallow grave that he had shot and killed him during an altercation over alleged attention paid Hill’s wife by Oblennis.

Hill related his confession that he had discovered his wife and Oblennis in a compromising position after he had told them that he was going away from the ranch for two days; that a fight ensued, in which Oblennis was beaten, and that the latter ran to get a repeating gun, Hill then killing him in self defense.

Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) October 30th, 1926


Deputy Sheriff George Carroll arrested Victor Paterson at Hereford, Colo., Sunday, and brought him to Cheyenne where he was taken in charge of Sheriff Luce of Osceola, IA. He is wanted in Clark county, of which Osceola is the county seat, for wife desertion. He was arrested after a speedy trip to Hereford, on a telegraphic description furnished to the sheriff’s office at Cheyenne. Luce came to Cheyenne and departed Tuesday with the prisoner.

The Carpenter Record (Carpenter, WY) August 9th 1917

Clarence Yewie of Goshen Hole was bitten by a rattlesnake while assisting in raising a windmill tower on his farm near Box Elder

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) August 15th, 1918

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