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Lyman Mexican Shot to Death as Outcome of Argument Thursday

Patrocio Estorga, 43, Mexican resident of North Lyman, died at 11:50 Friday morning at a Scottsbluff hospital from wounds received when he was shot through the head at 4 a.m. by Nicolas Garcia, 23, following an argument at Estorga’s home in the sugar factory colony just north of the Lyman city limits.

Garcia, the alleged murderer, escaped with a companion, Tony Alvarez, 26, and neither has been apprehended.

Estorga, a beet tender in the Lyman vicinity for the last three years, is survived by his wife, Alfonza, and 11 children, the oldest of which is 16 years of age.

According to County Attorney Floyd Wright, who conducted an investigation into the killing, Garcia and Alvarez were drunk at the time of the killing. The pair was said to have attended at dance at Torrington Wednesday and to have returned to Lyman early the morning following under the influence of liquor.

They were said to have gone to Estorga’s home where half a dozen friends were congregated, drinking coffee, they said. Garcia and Alvarez joined the group and within a short time got into a heated argument with the host.

They were said to have called him outside the house where Garcia shot him. Both Garcia and Alvarez were said to have had revolvers and fled together, afoot. Another countryman, said to have followed the three outside, witnessed the shooting.

Garcia used a 32 caliber revolver. The bullet entered the left side of the head above and behind the ear. Estorga was given medical attention at Lyman and was taken to the hospital, where he died within a few hours.

The Telegraph News (Sidney, NE) February 25th, 1930

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