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Boy Murders Mother Because She Pushed Him


The supposed accidental shooting of Mrs. Thomas McCoy, in the northwest part of Rock County, by her 16-year-old son, proved to have been a case of deliberate murder, the boy having confessed to County Attorney Douglas and later to several other persons that he had shot his mother because she had punished him severely.

The shooting occurred Friday. Saturday the officers went out to hold the inquest, at which it was developed that the shooting was intentional, and the coroner’s jury returned a verdict accordingly.

The boy had claimed that he had shot his mother accidentally while shooting at a meadowlark, but he confessed to the county attorney, and later to several persons, that he shot her intentionally, and gave as a reason the fact that she had been in the habit of punishing him severely. In his confession he stated that he got the gun in the house while his mother’s back was turned, placed loaded shells in three empty chambers, put the weapon in his pocket, followed close behind her to the field where she was going to plant some beans, and while she was getting the seed ready for planting he, at a distance of about ten feet, drew the gun, fired and killed her instantly. After she fell he shot her again in the side, and then dropped the gun and ran to where a couple of his brothers were working in the same field.

The weapon used was a five-shot double-action 38-caliber revolver.

Mrs. McCoy was a widow and was living on a Kincaid homestead. She leaves five young children. The boy is under arrest.

The Valentine Democrat (Valentine, NE) July 4th, 1907

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