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Jacob Schmear Attacks Three Children

Greeley, Colo., June 21— After running amuck with an axe and seriously injuring his three children here early Friday, Jacob Schmear, 70, committed suicide by hanging.

Shortly after midnight, according to officers who reconstructed the affair, Schmear seized an axe and attempted to murder his three sleeping children, Sarah, 16; August, 21; and Frieda, 12.

His blows, however, glanced off the children’s heads, and while all are in a serious condition, they are reported to have a chance at recovery.

Neighbors Friday morning discovered August lying partly out of the house with his head split. He apparently had tried to crawl after help when he collapsed.

Sarah is the most seriously injured, suffering a possible fracture of the skull, a shattered jaw, and severe cuts on the head.

Schmear, the father of thirteen children, was believed to have become suddenly insane as he was not known to have been worried or despondent.

After attempting to murder the children, Schmear wrote two letters saying he was going to kill himself. He then went to the barn, and placing a rope around his neck, jumped off a box and strangled.

Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) June 27th, 1929

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