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Body of Rancher Found In Lake

The body of W. A. Fiesterman, a well-to-do rancher who lived about 35 miles north of Oshkosh, was found Monday in a lake near his home. The body had been weighted down with a heavy iron fastened around the neck with a strap.

Sheriff Smith, County Attorney Curtis, Dr. Morris, and W. L. Kimbel, after driving to the scene and making an investigation, decided not to hold an inquest, all circumstances indicating suicide.

According to other members of the family, Fiesterman had gone to bed as usual, but had risen and dressed sometime during the night. Taking a line from a harness and procuring a heavy iron, the man went to the lake, according to the theory of the investigators. A knife with which the strap had been cut to the required length was found stuck in a fence post near the water.

Members of the family, noticing Fiesterman’s coat and vest, which had been hung on the post, discovered the body in the shallow water and informed the neighbors.

Friends are at a loss to account for the supposed suicide. A widow, three children, and three brothers survive him. —Bridgeport Blade

The Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) May 12th, 1922

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